A more natural approach to healing

So, I think that you should go to jujusupply.com for great Cancer survivor gifts— if you need to buy a cancer gift ever, because it is so awesome so, what are you going to do, are you going to join the resistance of people who invalidate the experiences of people who experienced the benefits of Crystal healing, or are you going to allow people to feel these amazing feelings, and allow positive energy to enter their auras, and allow their lives to benefit from what has helped people for millions of years potentially, all of these ancient tribes in Hawaii and Arizona and China who have always used the healing powers of crystals and rocks to improve the quality of life of citizens, are you really going to say that none of this is valid just because modern science hasn’t figured it out yet? This is where science begins to disturb me, is when there are so many accounts, and so much evidence of these things helping, and you have first-hand reports, frumpy like me, talking about how much the presence of Aura intensifying healing crystals and gold and other types of minerals made their existence better when they were at times of vulnerability, and the fact that all of these things, if you believe in them, can bring you to a higher level of acceptance and Tranquility within your state, which can create so many positive feelings, I mean common it is hardly debated that anything that makes you they have positive State of Mind, anything approached with positivity and instead of negativity will generally revealed a better result, and yet even though this has been proven to create such an effect, we never feel this type of respect or acknowledgement of healing crystals and things like that. Still, I believe in it, and I know I’m not the only one, I know that there are a lot of people.