Wood Watch lover

Yes, since college, I fell in love with using wood watches. Before, I was using leather watches but it just makes some irritation on my skin. I honestly don’t know why it created some scratches in my skin to the point where I had to go to the doctor and ask for prescription because of the irritation. Since then, I did not use any leather watches anymore because I got so traumatized. And so when I was searching for types of watches in the internet, I saw Plant wear’s wood watch series and it definitely captured my attention. I mean, it is awesome. It has a lot of hues to choose from. Whether you like brown ones, pink ones, or those for unisex. You can even use it as a gift for your loved ones. I bet they will like it as much as I liked it too. And also, I like how it was manufactured. They used durable material in creating that piece of classic timepiece. It’s wooden handle is not irritating in the skin, not like what I used in the leather ones before. They are also light. It does not create a huge lump on my hand and you will feel like you are not wearing any watch at all. In fact, I think it looks more like a bracelet or a band. I love wearing best wooden watches because it also matches to every outfit in my closet. I bought over three wood watches now, some are brown and pink, and i think I should stack more pieces because they really have these cute designs I absolutely dig.