Boosting Married Life

Boosting Married Life

While planning a weekend getaway for you and your partner is vital once in a while, having some quality time together even just for minutes in a day—albeit the busy schedule, noise from the kids and dozens of workloads—will definitely improve and spice up your marriage in no time.

Fawn Weaver, author of the Happy Wives Club said that ‘the difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day, as often as possible.’

Here are simple ideas to improve your marriage in 30 minutes or less:

Go on a walk

Either you welcome the sunrise or go on an afternoon walk in the park. Whatever your schedules permit, make time for a 30-minute walk, not only will it be beneficial to your health, having brisk walking or a light jog as your exercise, but also a good time to just enjoy each other’s company in a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

Watch the daily news

Junk the everyday bantering about house problems and financial dilemmas. Turn on the remote control and watch the daily news instead. Discuss about the current events. Or even the latest technologies and its advancements (say, nas server test and more)/You’ll not just stimulate good debates and conversation but it will also deepen your perspectives on issues that matter. Just do not go over board and be personal on your arguments. This might lead you to something negative afterwards.

If not the daily news, do not argue with petty remote control quarrels. Instead of watching your favorite reality show for the night, try to be open to his interests like basketball or football games, sports shows and action movies. Showing him that you also give attention in his interests will make him appreciate you more. But of course, this is a two-way process. Talk and do not let anyone be dominant.



Ed Wheat, author o Love Life for Every Married Couple, advices couples to become active to church. The church is a place for strengthening family ties through faith. It inculcates positive values while learning and growing as individuals. Praying together and having the same faith also lead to the fulfillment of family goals.

Do household tasks together

Nothing’s sweeter and more productive than doing some chores at home together with your partner—whether it’s cooking your dinner, washing the car and watering the plants or even folding clean clothes in the cabinet. This way, even while doing something productive, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your partner while talking about how your days went. This also brings back the old time when you do things together in your younger days.


Write your heart out


Write down the things that you love about him. List down those general reasons—he’s loving, thoughtful and sweet, then tell him the specific ones—he opens the doors for you, kisses you in the forehead when you’re tired from work, and even winks while you’re doing the laundry. Whatever it is the makes you fall in love him even more, tell and show him. This also brings positive vibe and enthusiasm towards a healthy relationship.


Husbands show positive health condition when their wives show them love. This is revealed in a study conducted by researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland where 10,000 husbands were asked if they feel the love shown by their wives. Those who answered yes have evidently healthy conditions compared to those who answered no.


Dress up each other


In mornings when one is having a frustrated time on what to wear for work, give your partner a helping hand and choose what suits best for him/her. Compliment each other’s good looking appearance.  Looking beautiful in the eyes of your special someone will make you inspired and will eventually radiate into the eyes of people around you.


Slow dance


On a cold and calm night, play your favorite love songs and let the music carry your emotions through slow dancing. While swaying romantically through the rhythm of your music, exchange sweet words you seldom say in your every days.  Hug him tight and let him feel that the love never changed since you two vowed forever in the altar.