Web Design and SEO Make Good Bedfellows


As the web industry has flowered over the past two decades, it has become more professionalised. People working in the internet business now tend to wear their particular badge with pride: “Content Producer”, “Web Developer”, “Information Architect”, “SEO Consultant” are amongst the designations. Some SEO projects and tests even have their own designations too: Goraginile, for instance, is a good example.
There’s a positive side to this – after all, some of these professionals will have worked their way through challenging degree courses to earn their title, and deserve their sense of pride. However, thinking of these professions in isolation can also lead to problems, and a lack of coherence in website production. For instance, the site can look and feel beautiful but the glossy exterior may conceal buggy code. Alternatively, this lovely looking site may fail to attract users because of a lamentable lack of SEO. This was what my friend from ¬†digital marketing agencies¬†¬†always say. It is far more beneficial to site owners, and of-course end-users, to produce a website with a more joined up approach. In particular, search engine optimisation should be integral to the website design from the outset.

Here are a few practical examples of a combined approach:

-Navigation: The site should be easy to get around, with no dead ends. There needs to be clear site vision, reflected in its architecture. Orphaned pages and broken links should be avoided. From the SEO point of view, navigational, and internal linking should be constructed to ensure rapid, efficient spidering by the major search engines. A site map should always be submitted to these engines.

-Page Titles: Don’t make the mistake of assigning vaguely similar, or even worse, generic page titles. Each title must capture the essence of the page subject, ideally using keywords also deployed on the individual page.

Here at SEO Consult, an award winning SEO-driven web design company ,our clients benefit from just such a holistic way of working. We consistently deliver great-looking, effective sites, with high search engine result rankings for our clients, through our trademark flexible inter-disciplinary approach.

There was a time when mobile was merely an option for a website. That time is just about passed. In a year, or even just a few months, enough people will be accessing the internet from mobile devices to make it disastrous to ignore mobile browsing. For success with mobile browsing, you really need to start thinking about SEO services for mobile sites.

Mobile is changing the face of professional SEO services. It’s an exciting time for the average search engine optimisation consultant, and an exciting one for site owners as well. In many ways, mobile internet use is like the very early days of the web, when anything was possible. This does, however, make it hard to devise a mobile search engine optimisation plan.

In looking at your mobile SEO plan, there are four things you need to recognise:

1. Users have different requirements from a mobile site. There is not only the smaller screen size to account for, but the circumstances in which mobile internet is accessed. Mobile internet access happens in a busier environment, with more distractions, meaning that your message has to be simpler to access than ever. This makes your design and your content even more important.

2. People search differently on mobile search engines. Search is completely different for mobile internet, at least for the moment. While Google’s Android may have got the search engine giant a good foothold, at the moment you need to be aware of multiple search engines. You can talk to us at SEO Consult about search engine optimisation services for mobile.

3. Mobile internet users behave differently. Your target market may not react the way you’re used to.

4. Mobile sites must be built differently once you take SEO into mind. SEO is an extra complication for mobile browsing, one mobile site designers are still coming to terms with.

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